Hard at Work

7 Aug

I’ve updated the website and added some more pictures to my portfolio there. I’ve also added more info to the “About” and “Services” pages.

I’m working on some props and set-ups for future shoots too. Check back soon for some images from tomorrow afternoon’s session!


Good things come in pretty packages?

4 Aug

I’m working on getting some of my packaging and branding set up tonight and really loving the results. I’ve always had a thing for the packaging and branding of products. On a shopping trip in New York, I sought out the least expensive thing I could buy in Bloomingdale’s just to have a “little brown bag”. To me, a benefit of owning my own business is creating the brand. It’s a whole experience that should be coordinated from top to bottom, and every detail counts. Of course, some of what is going out now is just preliminary and needs a lot more fine tuning. I’ve already made changes from one print run to the next!

Also, as a part of Dear Kate Studios, I’ll also be offering design services for paper goods. I will offer goods such as invitations and thank you cards once I’m up and running. I can’t wait to share some of the ideas I have! I’ll add pictures of packaging in the light of day too. Looking forward to your feedback 🙂

K Family Sneaks {Loveland, CO Family Photographer}

29 Jul

The rain held out just enough for us at Chapunga yesterday afternoon.  I had a fun time exploring new parts of the park with the K family and we got in a few smiles from 2.5 year old G.

Sneak peeks of Miss S {Greeley, CO Children’s Photographer}

28 Jul

I had a fantastic time shooting Miss S at Houston Gardens in Greeley this morning. The weather was perfect, even the mosquitos agreed! Here are just a couple of shots from the morning 🙂


L & P Teasers {Loveland, CO Children’s Photographer}

25 Jul

I had a blast with Miss L this morning. Who knew I’d get such a workout? We must have run back and forth across the bridge at Chapunga Sculpture Park 20 times at least. I’ll bet she got an awesome nap this afternoon 😉

Update :)

24 Jul

I’ve added a page here with links to both my website and my online proof galleries. I’m working on buying my own domain and all of that good stuff so for now there is a really long url. Please check out the site though!

I’ve got a shoot bright and early with 2 littles I’m so excited to meet! Check back soon for some sneaks of their session 🙂

On my way

22 Jul

I’m working hard to get everything up and running. A lot goes into starting a business! I can so easily get caught up in research and keep myself up way to late. I have a handful of sessions scheduled in the next few weeks and I can’t wait to get shooting. I’m so looking forward to updating here with a new look and some great images. I’m also working on packaging and design for all of the paper goods as well. I hope to also offer birthday invitations, baby announcement and things of the like. Please keep checking back to see what’s new 🙂

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