I’ve moved!

24 Aug

Please visit DearKateStudios.com! I’m working on getting everything up and running smoothly with my new url  but you can currently view all of my blog posts there. I’ll be adding information regarding pricing, session FAQs, etc. as the days go on and I learn how 🙂

What to Wear Wednesday Episode 2

24 Aug

I started out shopping at Target for this week’s What to Wear Wednesday and then an email popped up in my inbox. 30% off your entire purchase at Old Navy, Gap or Banana Republic! So it’s Old Navy again this week 🙂

The palette for Episode 2 of What to Wear Wednesday is yellow and gray, a personal favorite of mine. I shopped for a family of 4 with a baby boy and older sister, mom and dad.

Links and Cost Breakdown:

Mom’s Dress $20.99

Mom’s Sweater $34.94

Dad’s Pants  $25

Dad’s Shirt $20

Baby Boy’s Shirt $10

Baby Boy’s Shorts  $5.49

Girl’s Top $12.99

Girl’s Skirt $14.99

Total Cost: $138.91 or $97.24 if you order today and use promo code “Thanks”

Baby M {Greeley, CO Newborn Photographer}

23 Aug

I think newborn photography must be one of the best jobs in the whole world. Yes, it’s time-consuming and hot (warm and cozy baby= sweaty everyone else), but so serene and wonderful. What a joy to play with a sweet new person for a few hours. The worst part had to be saying goodbye! Baby M was just 6 days old when I met and photographed her. It’s best to get newborn photos taken by the time baby is 10 days old or they just are not as sleepy. I traveled to Greeley and took these pictures in the living room of Baby M’s house so mom and baby didn’t have to be out and had all of the comforts of their home. Please contact me if you are interested in newborn pictures. I’m still offering introductory rates 🙂


The H Family {Loveland, CO Family Photographer}

19 Aug

This past weekend I met up with the H family at Chapunga Sculpture Park near Centerra Mall. It’s become a favorite location of mine because of the diversity in backdrop you get from just walking a few feet. It’s was a strange weather day in Colorado and the rain held out long enough to get some great shots of the new family of 5. (Little T is just 6 months old!) The sky broke open as we were taking a play break on the hill so we had to cut it a little short. Thanks H Family for risking getting drenched with me; I hope you made it back to your car safely 🙂 !

Just Between Friends {Loveland, CO Commercial Photographer}

18 Aug

Today, I had the honor of getting a sneak peek of the Loveland/Ft. Collins Just Between Friends sale that is happening at the Outlet Mall at Centerra this weekend. Denise, the owner, wanted to show off all of the goodies they have at the beginning of the sale. Boy do they have a ton of stuff! As I was editing, I kept finding more things in the pictures that I didn’t see while I was there. I also got to do a little shopping and brought home a cute white rocking chair, a nice little booster seat for the kitchen, and a couple of cute clothes for the coming seasons. I highly recommend the sale! You can also get more info and see more pics by becoming a fan of their Facebook page. (While your there you should become a fan of Dear Kate Studios as well!)

What to Wear Wednesday Episode 1

17 Aug

“What should we wear for our family photos?” is one of the most common questions I’ve been asked. I’ve seen ideas pulled together all over the net and find them helpful so I’ve decided to bring you a weekly post with fresh ideas that you can currently purchase. This week’s color scheme is Navy and Gray with a touch of Olive. All of the clothes are currently available, in stores or online, at Old Navy. I chose Old Navy because I shop there often and the clothes are affordable. I’m open to store suggestions for future episodes of “What to Wear Wednesday” so, please comment!

Cost Breakdown with Links:

Girl’s Dress $15

Mom’s Sweater  $15

Mom’s Tank  $20

Mom’s Jeans $20

Boy’s Shirt $7.50

Boy’s Pants $12.50

Dad’s Shirt  $20

Dad’s Pants $30

Total Cost For all Items : $140 – You can also save an additional 25% through 8-18 with the code ONSECRET25

Not bad for dressing a whole family!

Miss L {Loveland, CO Children’s Photographer}

10 Aug

This sweet little girl was cracking me up with her love of all things Twilight, (Team Edward, in case you were wondering 🙂 ) She even had a doll of him! We met at Benson Sculpture park and wandered around a bit.
It was a nice overcast day; a good break from the heat!

Hard at Work

7 Aug

I’ve updated the website and added some more pictures to my portfolio there. I’ve also added more info to the “About” and “Services” pages.

I’m working on some props and set-ups for future shoots too. Check back soon for some images from tomorrow afternoon’s session!

Good things come in pretty packages?

4 Aug

I’m working on getting some of my packaging and branding set up tonight and really loving the results. I’ve always had a thing for the packaging and branding of products. On a shopping trip in New York, I sought out the least expensive thing I could buy in Bloomingdale’s just to have a “little brown bag”. To me, a benefit of owning my own business is creating the brand. It’s a whole experience that should be coordinated from top to bottom, and every detail counts. Of course, some of what is going out now is just preliminary and needs a lot more fine tuning. I’ve already made changes from one print run to the next!

Also, as a part of Dear Kate Studios, I’ll also be offering design services for paper goods. I will offer goods such as invitations and thank you cards once I’m up and running. I can’t wait to share some of the ideas I have! I’ll add pictures of packaging in the light of day too. Looking forward to your feedback 🙂

K Family Sneaks {Loveland, CO Family Photographer}

29 Jul

The rain held out just enough for us at Chapunga yesterday afternoon.  I had a fun time exploring new parts of the park with the K family and we got in a few smiles from 2.5 year old G.

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